CAT releases new rock drill for 2016

Cat has released a new rock drill for the 2016 market, with claims to best-in-class productivity and a reliable rod handling system.

The MD5075C Track Drill is expected to deliver three times the lifespan of competing machines, according to the American manufacturer.

With capacity to drill 3-4.5” holes to a depth of 31m, the rig runs on a 300hp fuel efficient C9 engine designed to meet emissions standards around the world.

The drill compressor with variable air control produces 350 cfm @ 150 psi (9.9 m3/min @ 10.2 bar).      

There is also a choice of two rock drills for matching application to the highest production rate, suited to 45/51mm drill rod, or 45mm drill rod.

cat-drill.jpgThe cabin boasts a number of new features to ensure operator comfort, including shutdown methods and responsive controls to minimise fatigue on the job.

Isolator mounting ensures less vibration in-cab, and a new six-way adjustable seat means the operator can better customise their seating position.

The control system includes a range of modern features including touch screen navigation for Drill Assist, rearview camera, tram, water, rock drill auto-lube, alerts, drilling and target depths, penetration rate, machine performance, total hours and service.

High resolution display with simple icon design aids navigation and control while monitoring performance of pressures, rotation and hole depth.

Cat also advertises that all parts of the drill can be maintained without removing the drill from the feed, including remote located fuel filters for easy access, ensuring less downtime in the event of necessary repairs.

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