Caterpillar introduces smallest rotary blasthole drill

Caterpillar has launched the MD6200 Rotary Blasthole Drill – the smallest drill of this type the company has produced.

Designed for ease of portability, its small footprint combined with a Cat 336 excavator-style undercarriage allows for reduced time moving between holes, according to Caterpillar.

In addition, the unit can go on a truck with the mast intact, saving further time when moving between sites.

Cat has also implemented features it claims can reduce downstream waste material when drilling highwalls.

Powered by a Cat C18 engine, the drill can perform rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling of holes between 127–200mm in diameter and drill at up to a negative angle of 15 degrees, which is useful for matching highwall slopes for pre-split drilling.

For conventional drilling, the mast can tilt 30 degrees from vertical in five degree increments.

Operators can adjust this from the cab using touch screen controls. The cab is also fitted with three cameras for increased operational awareness and can be upgraded with options such as heated, ventilated seats and dual-pane glass.

Cat systems such as Drill Assist automation technology, Cat Terrain guidance and drill depth monitoring can also help to reduce under- and over-drilling.

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