Call for skills, emission strategy

The Western Australia Chamber of Minerals and Energy (CMEWA) has called for highly engaged governments and regulators to reduce the skills shortage crisis and greenhouse gas emissions. At the Chamber’s recent Annual General Meeting, CME’s president Kim Horne said the State’s resources sector could be undermined if the challenges are not addressed in a considered way. “Global commodity markets have proved remarkably resilient in the face of turmoil in the financial and equity markets and Western Australia remains very well placed to capitalise on resource demand,” Horne said. “Competition for labour is as intense as ever, and skilled migration needs to continue to be part of the mix if we are to realise the State’s potential.” “The resources sector will continue to work closely with Governments to ensure that greenhouse mitigation strategies do not lead to the perverse outcome of damaging this State’s resources sector and rewarding competitors in non-compliant jurisdictions.”


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