Calidus receives EPA clearance for WA gold project

Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has given Calidus Resources’ Warrawoona gold project the green light.

The project will extract ore from an open pit and underground mine at the Klondyke deposit, as well as cutback of the existing Copenhagen pit.

Calidus will process ore at around two million tonnes a year at Klondyke, producing gold bar and concentrate for around six years.

It has received a lease encompassing the processing plant, tails dam and waste dump for the project.

Calidus is now in possession of all mining, miscellaneous and general purpose leases required to commence construction.

Final approval for the Warrawoona project rests on the Western Australian Minister for Environment.

“The recommendation by the EPA is a key milestone in development of the Warrawoona gold project and significantly advances the timeline for permitting the development of the project,” Calidus managing director Dave Reeves said.

“We acknowledge the work of our consultants and the positive dialogue with the EPA throughout the assessment process.

“With all tenure now in place and the feasibility study on track for completion in the coming quarter, Warrawoona is rapidly moving towards development.”

Calidus plans to complete its resource and reserve update shortly to show the revised economics of the pre-feasibility study.

Drilling activities and additional water exploration drilling have resumed at site.

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