Bounty puts Cook Colliery operations back on schedule

Bounty Mining is back on track at the Cook Colliery in Queensland following a roof fall that interrupted operations two weeks ago.

The company has completed its repairs on the CM13 continuous miner, which was partially buried and damaged in the roof fall at the coal site. The CM13 resumed mining on a night shift last Friday.

Bounty’s two continuous miners are now cutting underground at Cook Colliery.

The company’s third continuous miner is on surface to undergo conversion for place change mining that is set to commence next month.

“We greatly appreciate the skill and care with which the work to evaluate and repair the damage has been carried out,” Bounty chief executive Jim Griffin said.

“Our focus remains on safe operations and the planned introduction of place change mining next month.”

Bounty had previously stated the incident would negatively impact its October production at Cook Colliery.

The company had aimed to ramp up production at Cook Colliery to an annual 2.2 million tonnes run of mine rate after acquiring its mining assets from a Glencore subsidiary, Cook Resource Mining, in 2017.

Cook Colliery, which is 29 kilometres south of Blackwater in Central Queensland, also has a central coal handling and processing plant (CHPP).

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