Bounty production hit by Cook Colliery roof fall


Bounty Mining has experienced an interruption to its operations when a roof fell at the Cook Colliery in Queensland last week.

The “minor” fall partially buried the company’s CM13 continuous miner and didn’t cause any injury to workers.

Bounty has successfully extracted the CM13 continuous miner from under the localised roof fall, and is now inspecting it for damage.

The company was only mining in the Cook Colliery’s Panel 203B where the roof fall had taken place.

Bounty anticipates its October production to be negatively impacted, with the full extent of this impact still being assessed.

“Mining is expected to recommence later this week with the company’s second continuous miner, CM02, in another area of 203B panel, following a full review of the mining process,” Bounty said in a media statement.

Bounty has kept the Queensland Department of Mines’ Inspectorate informed and is reviewing the planned process to resume operations.

Its scheduled commencement of place change mining in November with the CM12 continuous miner, which is undergoing conversion on surface, has not been affected by this event.

Bounty expects to provide a further update once it obtains more details on the recommencement of production using CM02.

The company had aimed to ramp up production to an annual 2.2 million tonnes run-of-mine rate after acquiring Cook’s mining assets in December 2017.

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