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Boom Logistics and Tadano: A match made in heaven

Boom Logistics Tadano

With its 60m main boom, live capacity radar system and an Australian-first electric power option, Tadano’s new 80-tonne AC4.80-1 is the perfect partner for Boom Logistics. 

Boom Logistics has a variety of Tadanos in an extensive fleet built over two decades – and its latest arrival, an 80-tonne AC4.80-1, will lead the company in a new direction. 

More than just another crane joining an already massive fleet, the new AC4.80-1 heralds an exciting move for Boom Logistics, being among the first to be paired with a new electric power option. 

With over 260 cranes ranging from five to 750 tonnes, including mobile hydraulic models from 15–750 tonnes and crawler cranes from 50–750 tonnes, Boom Logistics has one of the largest crane fleets in Australia.

Some of Australia’s largest blue-chip companies rely on Boom as a service provider of choice for work across projects in high-growth industries, such as mining, wind, energy and infrastructure.

Incorporated in 2000 and listed on the ASX in 2003, Boom Logistics today employs 750 people across 14 depots, servicing a range of clients across Australia. 

The company also maintains a fleet of specialised access equipment, over 120 travel towers, boom lifts, scissor lifts and a fleet of low loaders, with the aim of providing clients with an end-to-end solution.

It’s that commitment that led Boom Logistics to taking on Tadano’s E-pack mobile electric crane power system, Boom chief operating officer Ben Pieyre said, making the company the first in Australia to do so. 

“In order to deliver meaningful change, we have to support new technologies. It is important to work with OEMs to drive improvements in the technological landscape in our industry,” he said. 

“Carbon emissions are a real issue, and we need to invest for better outcomes. 

“Being the ‘first-mover’ with any technology poses various challenges but we know that we need to support change where possible with action – particularly in the area of sustainability and carbon emissions, Tadano’s support for its products assisted us in making the decision to bring the E-Pack on board. 

“The E-Pack offers great flexibility and can be shared between other models such as the AC2.40-1, AC3.45-1, AC3.50-1, AC3.60-2, AC4.70-2, which made it a smart investment for us.”

The E-Pack can power the superstructure of a Tadano crane without using its Mercedes Benz diesel engine. Instead, the E-Pack uses a 400 V/63 A connection to connect to the power grid at a worksite. 

Operators can also request the E-Pack be equipped to work with a 400 V/32 A connection, albeit with reduced crane power.

The E-Pack creates opportunities for Boom Logistics to use its cranes inside buildings and other locations where it faces stricter emissions regulations – where working with diesel-powered cranes was previously impossible. 

Whilst the E-Pack can be used across a range of Tadano cranes, Boom will first use the system on its new AC4.80-1. 

“We brought the AC4.80-1 on board as it has 60m main boom with a max system length of 74.7m when fitted with the 16m fly, giving it an impressive reach” Pieyre said.

“It is the most compact four axle crane in the 80t to 90t class and comes with great technology – the IC-1 plus LMI system – which offers live capacity radar based on slew angle, main boom angle, counterweight and outrigger positioning. 

“This crane also comes with automatic counterweight detection and flex base for stepless outrigger positioning.”

These features, Pieyre said, will complement Boom’s continued efforts to improve safety on site for all its team members, with a lot of hard work done behind the scenes to ensure lifts are completed safely.

“Safety always comes first, and planning is at the forefront of safety,” Pieyre said. 

“Our whole team assists with lift planning and safety – from our sales professionals engaging with our clients to our front-line staff completing works.” 

Pieyre adds that Boom carries out extensive training of and communication with its employees, helping make safety a centrepiece of the organisation.

“Lift planning is a collaborative process at Boom with the inclusion of engineering professionals (proficient with AutoCAD) who will develop formal lift plans; experienced and well-trained operational staff to undertake lifts and safety professionals who assist with the development of systems and processes to improve safety within the business,” he said.

“A lift or activity, when well-planned, removes a lot of potential hazards by having the right equipment with the right people and support at the right time.

“We have a mature Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) System certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 which provides a systematic approach to managing our risks that is applied across the country.

“Our experienced and well-trained supervisors and managers support our operations daily with assistance from our project specific, state and national HSEQ professionals.”

With its first contract to be in Brisbane, the AC4.80-1 will benefit from its excellent on-road abilities.

“The crane has excellent roadability, with 20.5-inch (52cm) tyres, the AC4.80-1 achieves 12t per axle whilst carrying 9.3t of counterweight, (along with a) 6.5m fly and the 20t single sheave hook. Alternatively, 8t of counterweight, H2, 6.5m fly and the 20t single sheave hook can also keep the crane under the limit,” Pieyre said.

“We have a large range of Tadano cranes in our fleet, from smaller all terrains for refinery and project works, to rough terrains and telecrawlers on mine sites to large all terrains supporting our large client base.

“It has a great integration of technology such as the IC-1 plus, the flex base and Tadano surround view which allows the crane to be one of the safest on the market. 

“Commonality of parts is a major benefit, which means they can be shared between other models such as AC4.70-2 (and the) AC3.60-1. The same operating system is used in the carrier deck and superstructure from the AC2.40-1 all the way through to the AC7.450-1, making operator familiarisation much easier.”

Pieyre adds that the Boom Logistics crane operators have been enthusiastic about the new system, with many having a lot of experience with Tadano cranes. 

“Our employees are very supportive of the product and the support through training and general assistance from Tadano means they appreciate the machines,” he said. 

“The reliability for the operators is key as we often work in remote locations… and Tadano has developed a strong team around their product support with great facilities. We believe that service and support are as important as a quality product.

“Tadano has a strong quality range of products, the addition to the Demag range has really strengthened the product offering, not only in mobile cranes but also crawlers and tele-crawlers. The quality of the product and after sales service is essential to our relationship with Tadano.” 

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