BMA lodges FIFO application for Caval Ridge

BMA has lodged an official application for a 100% fly in fly out workforce at their Caval Ridge coal mine.

The move has seen massive opposition from local interest groups against the increase of FIFO in the region, the Daily Mercury reports.

The miner put forth a Change Request Application to the Queensland Co-ordinator-General on 15 June to increase the proportion of FIFO employees.

“The request will allow BMA to widen its recruitment options in a tight labour market, by providing greater flexibility and choice for new employees,” a BMA spokesperson said.

The Moranbah Action Group stated on its Facebook that “this will deny working families to the opportunity to make their own living decisions, and allow economic benefits to bypass the entire region. Shame BMA, Shame”.

Queensland Mining Communities and Moranbah Action Group head Kelly Vea Vea said the miner is trying to bully the government and community into 100% FIFO by threatening to not go ahead with the mine.

We want to grow sustainably alongside industry, not be turned into mere bus stops on the road to massive mining industry profits; and that’s what 100% fly-in, fly-out will do to our entire region.
“No one in the region believes BMA’s shallow rhetoric on the project being at risk,”

BMA had petitioned the Queensland Government to change working conditions at its Caval Ridge coal mine to allow for the entire workforce to be FIFO workers, as well as the construction of its Buffel Park mining camp.

However, the mining camp saw serious opposition from the community and local council, which rejected the 2500 accommodation facility.

Conditional approval had previously been given for the $4 billion project located near Moranbah, on the proviso that at least 30% of the workforce came from the local area.

Vea Vea said this minimum 30% local workforce would create 148 new homes in the region.

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