BISALLOY Wear steel goes from strength to strength


With the demands of the Australian mining industry expected to grow as activity increases, BISALLOY Wear steel continues to provide a reliable base on which to ramp up production.  

As commodity prices remain high and new technologies are developed at a rapid pace, Bisalloy has felt an increase in demand for lighter, stronger steel for earthmoving and processing equipment. 

To accommodate, while maintaining a strong presence in the mining industry, the steel manufacturer has reimagined its processes and company culture.

Bisalloy national sales and marketing manager Andrew Egan says BISALLOY Wear steel has been designed and tested to meet a range of strength requirements, while ticking boxes for longevity.  

“We understand the challenges our customers face; that’s why we make it our priority to produce the highest quality steel grades to meet their performance demands, no matter what the application,” Egan tells Australian Mining.  

“We leverage an in-house NATA-accredited testing facility to ensure properties such as ductility, weldability and toughness are maximised, alongside the hardness and strength requirements of each specific application.”  

These applications could include buckets, truck bodies, ground engaging and demolition tools, wear plates and liners, trommels, screens and crushers.  

For any one of these, Bisalloy can supply its Wear steel to businesses around the world, which in turn can supply reliable equipment to mines, exploration, quarries and mineral processing operations. 

The benefits of reliable steel products can feel obvious on the face of it – no one wants their equipment to wear prematurely – but there’s more to it for mine operators.  

Reliable and long-lasting equipment means longer and more predictable maintenance cycles, leaving operators with more uptime and fewer costs spent on unscheduled maintenance and repairs.  

Lighter steels can also equate to greater load carrying capacities, reducing passes between machines and cutting operating costs.  

BISALLOY Wear steel comes in several grades for specific applications.

Egan emphasises the breadth of Wear steel offered by the company.  

“We’ve worked with large original equipment manufacturers and other attachment and processing manufacturers globally to produce a product that delivers size, weight and cost savings,” Egan says.  

“This has led to us to producing performance steel with different grades of hardness, ranging from 400 to 600, which helps our customers avoid costly downtime and unnecessary maintenance.” 

Each of the BISALLOY Wear steel products – the 400, 450, 500 and 600 – offers its own set of ideal applications 

For example, applications for the 400 could include dump truck wear liners and screw conveyors, while the 600 could be used for shredders or hammers.  

The range of applications afforded by BISALLOY Wear steel represents the company’s consideration of its customer base. 

As supply chain issues plague the mining industry due to COVID-19 restrictions, many industries have turned to Australian-made products for their availability and quality.  

To make this process easier to manage, Bisalloy spent the first half of 2021 ramping up a new customer initiative called Bisalloy Built.  

Egan explains that Bisalloy Built is the company’s stamp of approval for high-quality performance steel. 

“When you see the Bisalloy Built badge, you can be assured the equipment contains quality Bisalloy steel. This serves as a quality guarantee the steel is manufactured locally and meets strict Australian standards,” Egan says.   

“There is a sense of pride among our customers in that they understand what it takes to achieve this level of product quality.”  

With the Bisalloy Built badge also comes a team of specialists who can share advice and support to the company’s customers. 

The Bisalloy specialists are there to support mine engineers, for example, if they’re ever wondering how to get the best out of their Wear steel products or any other of the company’s steel product.  

Egan believes Bisalloy is the best in the business for the service it provides.  

“Our product is an unrivalled choice for customers considering their next quenched and tempered steel plate purchase,” he concludes.   

This article appears in the October issue of Australian Mining.

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