BHP parts ways with World Coal Association

BHP has confirmed it will leave the World Coal Association (WCA) because of differing views on how climate change concerns can be managed.

The miner announced it would end its WCA membership following a review, which found that there would be little benefit for it to stay with the London-based organisation. BHP made a preliminary decision to leave the WCA last December.

“In light of the material difference identified by the review and the narrow range of activities of benefit to BHP from membership, BHP has reached a final view that it will cease membership of the WCA,” BHP stated yesterday.

The WCA responded that it was disappointed by BHP’s decision to leave, based on one claimed material policy difference, given it was involved in developing this position on energy and climate change.

“The WCA’s position has always been clear; we support a balanced approach that integrates climate and energy policy that works towards a low emission future,” WCA chief executive Benjamin Sporton said.

“We believe a balanced approach should not exclude high efficiency, low emissions power generation and carbon capture and storage.”

Sporton said the WCA had compared its position on energy and climate policies with those set out in BHP’s review. The Association believes there are no material differences between the two.

“We will continue our important work representing many of the world’s largest coal producers and allied companies and organisations, who are committed to working with us on a low emission future for coal,” Sporton said.

BHP will, however, continue to work with the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) to advocate policies that are aligned between the two parties. It will also remain a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce despite the two parties have conflicting stances on energy and climate change.

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