BHP expands EV research with Chinese think tank

BHP has agreed to support Automotive Data of China (ADC) with a two-year partnership that will focus on researching electrified transport.

The partnership with ADC, a subsidiary of the China Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC), will centre on the major pillars of development in energy saving vehicles.

Examples of such pillars include the efficiency, customer attitudes, product development and the policy environment.

BHP vice president of market analysis & economics Huw McKay commented: “As China’s electric car revolution continues to unfold, BHP is excited to be supporting ADC’s cutting-edge research on this mega-trend.

“We are confident about the outlook for EVs in China, with a world leading policy-manufacturing-infrastructure-consumer eco-system in place to support rapid adoption.”

As a world leader in the supply of nickel, BHP holds a key role in the development of the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

ADC general manager Feng Yi said the world had come to a moment of truth in EV development, and was glad to be at the forefront of industry research.

“Profound change is underway in the automotive industry, as energy saving and new energy vehicles continue to be a priority for the strategic development of the Chinese automotive industry over the next few years, playing a key role in achieving carbon neutrality in the sector,” Li said.

“We are pleased that BHP and ADC have agreed to partner on ‘The Development of Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles’ research project to jointly promote the high quality development of the automotive industry.”

The agreement comes in line with BHP’s commitment to reduce its 2020 scope one and two emissions by 30 per cent by 2030, with carbon neutrality a longer term goal in 2050.

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