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BHP commits to combating workplace harassment


BHP has committed to combating workplace sexual harassment with an approach that will aim to arm its leaders with the tools to create change.

After identifying gaps in its existing field leadership program, BHP saw an opportunity to implement systems that give incidents of workplace sexual harassment due consideration.

A consultation process was run with experts from the company’s health, safety, security, and employee relations arm, as well as several asset leaders.

User feedback was also incorporated to ensure that the solution would be workable for them, aligned with their routines, and integrated with the systems they use.

The new developments to the program are expected to launch in June 2024, including:

  • detailed templates outlining how to approach sexual harassment-related conversations without retraumatising previous victims or witnesses
  • an addition to the field leadership database that enables BHP to regularly review the outcomes of these conversations, helping the company understand how it can do better
  • coaching options that ensure appropriate in-person support is available to leaders
  • additional support materials accessible through BHP’s Respect Hub.

“BHP leaders are visible in their commitment to safe, respectful, and inclusive workplaces, but conversations about sexual harassment elimination are not yet normalised in the same way as physical safety prevention,” BHP said.

“We at BHP want to create a culture in which all leaders set clear expectations, role model respectful behaviours and eliminate harassment in a way that is sustainable, supported by the processes, systems and tools they use every day for the prevention of physical harm.

“Ultimately, our global field leadership program will ensure that there are regular workplace discussions about eliminating sexual harassment at BHP.”

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