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BHP banks major food relief donation


BHP has donated $CAD500,000 to the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre (SFBLC) in support of its Plant Possibility campaign.

The campaign seeks to optimise and consolidate all SFBLC facilities under one roof, expand food distribution and broaden its existing learning and training programs.

Within the past decade, the need for the SFBLC’s services and resources have more than doubled from 12,000 to up to 23,000 people being served each month − 40 per cent of which are children.

To help address the issue of food insecurity in Saskatoon, BHP’s donation will directly support a new food warehouse and learning campus to better serve the community and make healthy, nutritious food more accessible to those who need it.

SFBLC executive director Laurie O’Connor thanked BHP for its donation.

“BHP’s investment will have a transformative impact, today, and tomorrow by ensuring hungry people will be fed,” she said.

“Together we are shifting what is possible, and we thank you for your belief in what we do and for your support – a true reflection of the spirit, resilience, and values of Saskatchewan people.”

Since 2022, BHP has donated $CAD540,000 to the SFBLC, contributing to over $50 million in total donations to community organisations and initiatives in Canada.

“We’ve all felt the rising costs of living, and the SFBLC provides important access to healthy, nutritious food and vital support services that help people get back on their feet, allowing them to not only survive, but thrive,” BHP potash asset president Karina Gistelinck said.

“Through our investment, BHP is thrilled to support the new food warehouse as well as innovative employment and nutritional education programs that support long-term positive outcomes.”

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