BHP and GE partner to cut carbon emissions

BHP Billiton and GE have partnered together to create solutions to meet growing global resources demand while slashing greenhouse gas emissions.

This is not the first time BHP has recognised the effects of carbon emissions, with CEO Andrew Mackenzie having previously called on the industry to address the issues of energy poverty and climate change together.

“Any attempt to solve one without the other is destined to fail,” Mackenzie said.

Mackenzie said a sensible policy mix was needed, stating he did give conditional support to carbon pricing mechanisms.

 “The geological record provides compelling evidence that substantial variation in CO2 and other greenhouse gases result in temperature changes with potentially significant implications for life on Earth," he said.

Mackenzie said constructive policies with appropriate carbon pricing mechanisms were required to ensure to industry could find cost-effective ways to lower emissions.

The new agreement is part of GE’s wider Ecomagination program, “the partnership will seek to develop solutions to reduce the emissions-intensity of mining operations, including transportation and power supply,” GE said in a company statement. 

“As part of this partnership, GE and BHP Billiton will evaluate mining operations in a concerted effort to maximise efficiency, to optimise energy flows, and to develop system-level approaches; the partners will share these best practice outcomes to improve sector-wide economic and environmental performance.”

Speaking on the new agreement, GE ANZ and PNG CEO Geoff Culbert said “we must continue to look for innovative ways to help the sector become more efficient and productive while at the same time reducing the environmental impact. We are proud to partner with BHP Billiton in this mission, and draw on our combined capability and depth of experience to identify real, impactful ways to benefit the sector.”

As part of the development the two companies will evaluate current mining operations to delivery ‘system-level’ solutions and share best practice outcomes throughout the rest of the industry.

“Our strategic approach to climate change is underpinned by engagement,” BHP chief commercial officer Dean Dalla Valle explained.

“It is this commitment to transparent engagement and collaboration that drives our involvement in initiatives like Ecomagination to provide business leaders with an important platform to share knowledge, skills and resources to address the issue of climate change.

“We look forward to continuing to engage with industry through this partnership and to contributing to the development of new solutions.”

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