Beware snake hazard

Snakes are a daily hazard for Rio Tinto Iron Ore staff and contractors.

A juvenile Gwardar was found at Dampier accommodation units on 19 July by ESS Gumala staff.

Although this one was only small and a juvenile, these snakes are highly venomous and capable of inflicting serious injury and in some cases even death.

If you find a snake while at work, contact your local emergency management department, which will arrange for a suitably qualified snake handler to catch and relocate the snake.

DO NOT attempt to catch the snake yourself as this may result in serious injury. Simply track the snake’s movements and await the arrival of the snake handler.

For further facts on the Gwardar, visit:

This article was first published in Coastal News [September 2007, Issue No. 2] – Rio Tinto’s Coastal Division Newsletter.

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