Bearing selection critical to coal conveying

Conveyors play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of coal mines, as they are responsible for transporting large quantities of coal over big distances. They are also subject to harsh conditions including high temperatures, humidity, dust, and contaminants. These pose significant risks to componentry and equipment, resulting in costly repairs and prolonged periods of downtime.

According to Michael Greelish, national business development manager at Motion, the humble bearing is a critical component that can make the difference between a conveyor running well or not.

“The role of bearings cannot be overstated and finding the right bearing for the conveyor application is of the utmost importance,” Greelish said.

“Often customers do not place as much importance on the type of bearings they are using, and this is where Motion can assist.”

As a leading distributor and services provider to the mining industry, Greelish said that Motion is well-placed to help find the best bearing solution for its customers and can assist with installation and fitment.

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