Bauma 2019: mining solutions showcased to the world (part two)

Australian Mining ventured into the global mining and construction marketplace last week by attending Bauma, the world’s largest construction trade fair in Munich, Germany.

The 2019 event drew more than 620,000 visitors from over 200 countries, the best results in the exhibition’s 65-year history in both areas.

Australia, with China and Japan, delivered the strongest gains in attendance from an overseas market perspective.

Bauma may traditionally be a construction-focused event, but the attention of the exhibition is now more than ever on the mining industry.

The growing spotlight on mining was reflected by the large number of companies that revealed or showcased solutions developed specifically for the industry.

In the second of a two-part series, Australian Mining looks at some of the key mining solutions that were on show at the Messe München.

Read part one. 

Hitachi at Bauma.

Hitachi EX-7 range excavators
Hitachi presented two EX-7 excavators – the EX1200-7 and EX2600-7 – at Bauma, coinciding with the global launch of this range in April. The Japanese manufacturer believes it has delivered its safest and most efficient excavator to date with the new models, building off the previous EX-6 range to develop the machines. Hitachi EX-7 models are supplied with Cummins engines, with users having the option to choose between MTU or Cummins engines for the EX2600-7 and above. According to the OEM, the excavators feature Hitachi technologies that will bring the Industrial Internet of Things to mining sites around the world. The machines will be able to connect to online servers that collect data that can be transformed by companies into actionable insights.

Volvo’s R100E at Bauma.

Volvo R100E rigid hauler
Volvo released its flagship R100E for the mining market in 2018 and made the machine a key part of its display at Bauma in Munich. Part of a four-truck rigid range, the R100E has a 95-tonne payload and is designed to offer a balance between productivity, fuel efficiency, comfort ease of maintenance and safety. Volvo’s rigid range also includes 45-tonne, 60-tonne and 72-tonne machines. The Australian dealer for Volvo’s range of rigid trucks is CJD Equipment. Outside of the 100-tonne rigid truck, much of Volvo’s showcase at Bauma was on its construction-focused equipment, including its move to go electric on compact excavators and wheel loaders in 2020.

Liebherr R 200 E.

Liebherr R 9200 E excavator
A popular attraction at Liebherr’s massive Bauma showcase was the R 9200 E excavator, an electric-driven 210-tonne machine with a rated output of 850 kilowatts. Liebherr promotes the R 9200 E for its balance of operational performance with environmental consciousness. While the electric-driven machine isn’t suited to the Australian industry, Leibherr is building a market for the product in Eastern Europe and other jurisdictions that offer the required infrastructure for these electric products. The first R 9200 E was delivered to Bosnia-Herzegovina more than a year ago. Using Liebherr’s Litronic Plus System for performance monitoring, the R 9200 E can achieve cycle times of under 20 seconds.

Metso MX3 cone crusher.

Metso MX3 Multi-Action cone crusher
On the opening day of Bauma, Metso unveiled MX3, the latest addition to the company’s Multi-Action cone crusher family. Metso has designed MX3 to bring improved productivity and lower operating costs to mid-sized quarry operations. The release of MX3 follows Metso’s 2017 launch of MX4, the first model of its innovative cone crusher series. For Metso, the product range has been designed to redefine the way the company thinks about cone crusher performance with claims of previously unimagined efficiency, wear parts utilisation, safety and automation. According to Metso, around 50 MX4 crushers have been sold worldwide, with some of these operating in Australia.

Cat 777G off-road truck
Another of Caterpillar’s mining products on show at Bauma was the Cat 777G truck, which has a Cat C32 engine rated at 704 kW with Tier 2 equivalent emissions. With a payload just shy of 90 tonnes, the 777G was released by Caterpillar to replace the 777F and has continued a legacy in this class that has spanned 42 years for the company. The new 777G truck features a refined cab that positions the operator seat on the left side, along with a new console with an integrated hoist and shift lever. The updated machine provides customers with a choice of bodies. The 60.1m3 dual-slope body is designed for maximum material retention on grades and has two side-board configurations available for light material, as well as a rubber liner.

Continental digital tyre pressure monitoring system
American tyre manufacturer Continental focused on its digital management solutions at Bauma, including the tyre pressure monitoring systems, ContiPressureCheck and ContiConnect. The ContiPressureCheck system displays the tyre sensor’s data in the driver’s cabin on the handheld device and warns before a condition becomes critical. ContiConnect is a solution for monitoring tyre pressure and temperature remotely. With the help of tyre sensors mounted on the inner liner of the tyre, the systems monitor, analyse and report data about tyre temperature and pressure, helping to optimise fleet efficiency. Continental’s tyre sensors constantly measure temperature and pressure from inside the tyre and provide data to be displayed on the dashboard.

The Lego R 9800.

Lego Liebherr R 9800 mining excavator
For adults and kids alike, those that saw the Lego Technic R 9800 mining excavator in the offices at the Liebherr exhibition had to be impressed. From August, the 4000-piece excavator will be available from Lego shops around the world, giving enthusiasts an opportunity to recreate the 16.2-metre-high gigantic crawler. The R 9800 is, of course, a popular machine for Australian mining. Therefore, this concept is sure to be a must-have for not only Lego fans, but also workers in the industry.

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