Barney Point to end coal exports

The Barney Point Coal Terminal will halt coal export next year, transitioning into other bulk commodities.

Coal exports will instead be shifted through the RG Tanna and the newly constructed Wiggins Island Coal Terminal.

The BPCT saw the second highest level of coal shipped through Gladstone, recording more than four and a half million tonnes in the 2013/14 financial year.

Despite the move, permanent employee numbers will remain the same.

Gladstone Ports Corporation head Craig Doyle said this closure was part of the company’s 50 year strategy, and will allow for a shift into dry bulk and other trade opportunities, according to the Gladstone Observer.

Managing the impact of our operations on the community is a critical task for GPC, as is ensuring the sustainability of our facilities," he said.

“The transfer of coal to RG Tanna and Wiggins Island will provide mutual benefit for both GPC, our customers and the community."

Commodities such as woodchips and calcite are likely to shift from leaving the Auckland Point facilities and now exit through Barney Point.

It may also look at importing petroleum products through the site.

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