Banning alcohol at mine site camps: What the punters think

Rio Tinto’s decision to ban alcohol at its Argyle mine site has divided opinion on social media.We sort through what people see as the pros and cons of a booze ban.

Recap: Rio Tinto confirmed that as part of its “future operating model”, alcohol will no longer be offered to workers at the Argyle site.

While some see the move as a healthy one for FIFO employees, others say it will lead to a poor culture on site, and is offensive to workers who should be given the right to choose.

Australian Mining asked its audience to share their thoughts on the alcohol ban, and here’s what you had to say..

Disappointment and anger at the decision reigned supreme on the Australian Mining comment section. (Also,if you know what a “high dive” competition entails, let us know.)

Facebookers wanted to know how close the next drinking hole is to Argyle.

Over on LinkedIn, people were more understanding and supportive of Rio’s decision.

What do you think, were Rio right to ban alcohol as the mine transitions from an open cut to an underground operation, or is this simply a way to tighten the rein on worker behaviour?

Let us know your opinion.



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