Automated lubrication systems for fixed plant equipment


JSG Industrial Systems continues to be a trusted supplier of automated lubrication systems to some of Australia’s biggest mining sector players.

JSG Industrial Systems is a subsidiary of John Sample Group – an Australian-based company that has been delivering products and services to the mining and industrial sectors since 1968.

Today, the company offers a broad portfolio of industry leading lubrication, fire suppression and material dispensing solutions from trusted brands such as SKF-Lincoln and JSG’s own fire suppression product range, Muster.

The company has locations around Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Mackay, Townsville, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and a significant international presence in Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand.

JSG offers comprehensive support services including engineering and system design, production, installation, aftersales support and training through the company’s skilled team in Australia and abroad.

The company’s expertise in fixed plant lubrication management and automated lubrication systems increases productivity and machine reliability, while improving worker safety by eliminating the need to access hazardous areas to manually lubricate equipment including conveyors, conveyor shuttles, belt feeders, screens, crushers and mills.

JSG’s business development manager Mike Sipman says the automated capabilities of lubrication systems demonstrate the effectiveness of Industry 4.0 in the mining industry. “I think it’s inevitable that all organisations are moving towards Industry 4.0,” Sipman tells Australian Mining.

“They can monitor different pieces of equipment and machinery from afar and if they identify a potential problem, it’s more efficient to be proactive about maintenance rather than reactive.

“We have automated lubrication systems from the simplest type of single point lubricator, right up to very large lubrication systems that automatically lubricate hundreds of points on complex assets. We literally have a lubrication product for every application.”

JSG’s offering can automatically lubricate the friction points of a machine while it is running, extending production uptime and reducing maintenance downtime.

This is particularly important in the current climate of reduced workforce numbers and interstate travel bans on fly-in, fly-out workers, which leave mining companies with no room for unplanned site shutdowns or poorly maintained machinery.

JSG’s systems also features a telemetry option developed by the company. The system enables users to monitor the equipment via the web, adjust parameters and detect faults wirelessly through a cellular connection – or a satellite link in remote locations.

The company’s bespoke products and services are used by some of Australia’s largest mining companies, including one of the country’s major iron ore projects.

“We supplied a total of 59 lubrication systems for that particular project,” Sipman says.

“There’s a lot of trust in JSG’s capability and SKF-Lincoln lubrication products. We supplied an engineered solution by assessing all of the requirements, the duty cycle of the pumps and the types of lubricants in use. Everything was engineered specifically for the application.”

JSG’s locations around Australia provide the mining industry with fast access to a large inventory of products, plus local and easy-to-access aftersales support to local mining regions.

“We also have the backup and support of SKF and a very large distributor network that offers service to the industry across Australia,” Sipman says.

“When you work with JSG, you’re not dealing with just one organisation, but multiple organisations working together with specialist skills, manufacturing, engineering, distribution and service capability. That allows us to deliver a very high-quality service across a wide range of industries and applications.”

This feature also appears in the December edition of Australian Mining.

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