Auto-mate attracts talent

Auto-mate Adrian Gil

Auto-mate is attracting new talent by offering unique opportunities to new potential employees.

The company has recently appointed Adrian Gil Castillejo as an autonomous systems engineer and Calip Corpuz as an autonomous systems technician, while also taking on Vinuri Hewamalaweera as part of Austmine’s METS STEM Career Pathway Program.

Gil joined the company late last year, is a qualified mechanical and mechatronics engineer with extensive and varied experience in technology and automation.

From the prototyping and manufacture of unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) for deep-sea applications to the design and automation of production lines for the automotive industry, his broad international experience in engineering design and management provides a solid foundation for his role at Auto-mate.

“Auto-mate offers a unique opportunity to do things differently,” he said.

“As a smaller, more agile organisation, the team can react faster to opportunities and challenges. It’s really exciting.”

Complementing Gil’s design and management proficiencies, Corpuz brings vast experience and technical know-how of autonomous mining, software, engineering controls, robotics and automation to the team.

Calip Corpuz. Image: Auto-mate

Building on his experience while working as an autonomous mining technician at Fortescue Metals Group Solomon, Corpuz will have the opportunity to bring experience-based recommendations to the product development team, while working to ensure customer expectations are surpassed.

“During my time on-site, I’ve been able to identify key areas where further development of, or changes to, technologies implemented, could make a significant difference,” Corpuz said.

“My position at Auto-mate will allow me the opportunity to voice these recommendations and to make a real difference in ensuring our solution is right for the application.”

Auto-mate solutions and implementation manager Damien Williams said the engineering design guided by real-world mining know-how at Auto-mate makes it very well positioned to deliver a range of exciting and challenging autonomous solutions for mining operations in Australia and globally.

Auto-mate chief executive officer Daniel Poller said the company is thrilled to welcome these talented people to the team.

“Their input and influence will be crucial to the next phase of our journey as we transition from development and testing through to project implementation and delivery,” he said.

“The time is right to use the opportunities autonomous technologies provide, to critically assess the way we do things and look to do them differently in order to gain the true value from automation.”

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