Australian Mining smashes weekly engagement record

Australian Mining is attracting more readers than ever before as the industry seeks the most relevant and up to date news and information about new opportunities during these challenging times.

Prime Creative Media’s staff may have shifted from the office due to the coronavirus, but this hasn’t stopped the editorial departments from keeping the industries they represent informed of the top news.

The B2B publisher’s mining, oil and gas, logistics and transport publications are all returning above average page views and engagement, with Australian Mining leading the way.

Australian Mining topped its previous daily record with 55,877 page views last Wednesday, finishing with a total of 178,567 views for the week ­– also a record.

This figure was led by a story about BHP’s plans to hire 1500 new workers to support its Australian operations as other industries face shutdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

John Murphy, chief executive officer of Australian Mining publisher Prime Creative Media, addressed the company’s business partners regarding the coronavirus situation last week.

Murphy highlighted the importance of supporting the industries Prime Creative Media represents during the coming months, helping the economy to push through this challenging time.

“With the potential for companies and individuals to become isolated we recognise communication within the industry has never been more important,” Murphy said.

“Fortunately, through our media brands, we are in a position to facilitate the necessary lines of communication that must be kept open between staff, suppliers and clients.”

In addition to keeping stakeholders informed of the latest mining news as the coronavirus situation develops, Australian Mining is endeavouring to highlight the positive aspects of the industry.

This includes covering equipment manufacturers like CBC remaining operational to support the businesses it partners with.

Australian Mining also revealed promising new discoveries around Australia, including Cassini uncovering high grade copper and nickel mineralisation in Western Australia.

Prime Creative Media is offering complimentary home delivery of its publications, including Australian Mining and three-month complimentary subscriptions to keep industry stakeholders informed while social isolation is recommended.

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