Australia to reform mining qualification design

The Australian Government is conducting a qualification trial to deliver faster training to the mining sector.

This is aimed to improve the national vocational education and training (VET) system.

The trial will test the concepts of qualifications that are based on grouped occupation and skills clusters, enabling broader job outcomes for people.

It will also test simplified training products that reduce the level of conditions in current qualifications, while helping students rapidly upskill or reskill to pursue new opportunities.

The Australian Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, Michaelia Cash, said the Morrison Government was committed to delivering faster and improved training for the Australian mining sector.

“We want to better meet the current and future training needs of employers and employees, which is especially important now to support our COVID-19 economic recovery,” Minister Cash said.

“That’s why this trial is so important, because it will help simplify and streamline qualifications to provide the mining sector with the skills it needs to flourish.”

Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) chief executive Tania Constable welcomes the trial, stating that Australian mining requires more relevant qualifications and training providers to meet changing industry expectations.

“With over one-third of the 240,000-strong mining workforce holding a Certificate III or IV qualification, improving qualification reform models is crucial for the industry,” she said.

“With increasing technology adoption, workers should expect that VET sector qualifications will make them job-ready or allow them to move between jobs in the mining industry.

“Industry needs greater confidence that VET qualifications will remain relevant as the nature of work changes.”

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