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Australia is poised for a new era of mining growth


In the wake of the mining downturn, the industry has recovered to re-affirm its place as a major driver of the Australian economy.

The coming years will reinforce this position as dozens of projects or expansions develop into Australia’s next generation of mines.

In the Australian Government’s latest report on resources, more than 25 mining projects had reached the committed status, with dozens more in the feasibility stage.

Australia’s leading commodity exports – iron ore, coal and gold – continue to provide the next phase of development.

However, battery minerals, such as lithium, have started to show their value in the future of the industry.

Geographically, Western Australia leads the way with projects at the committed and feasibility stage. Queensland is also set for expansion with upcoming developments in a diverse range of commodities, including coal, gold and copper.

In this white paper, Australian Mining summarises the major projects that are set to make an impact on the mining landscape in the coming years, with primary focus on those that the Australian Government rates with the committed status (as fourth quarter 2018).

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