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Five tips for deciding on electric or diesel dewatering pumps

Electric or diesel? When it comes to the choice of power sources, whether for road vehicles or construction equipment, it is a debate that is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Equally, it is a decision that applies to the choice of dewatering pump technologies for operations within the construction, mining, utilities and municipal arenas.

However, unlike the automotive debate, it is not a contest of technical supremacy to establish an outright winner. It is a common-sense selection process based on matching equipment performance and capability to all aspects of dewatering applications.

Any decisions should take into account critical factors such as required volume, flow/head specifications and the constitution of water and materials to be pumped. Pump capability has to encompass the variables of operational conditions, site access, project duration, environmental issues, equipment autonomy and much more.

For 5 tips to choose between electric or diesel dewatering pumps, download the whitepaper below:

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