Atlas Copco portable air compressor takes the heat in Egypt

Egypt Gas put the toughness of Atlas Copco’s portable air compressors to the test amid an extreme oil and gas pipeline sandblasting project in upper Egypt.

Picture this: a scorching desert in Egypt, where temperatures soar to a blistering 47–50°C and the air is thick with dust and sand. These are the conditions that one of Atlas Copco’s tough portable air compressors have been proving its mettle against for the last five years in different sandblasting project led by Egypt Gas.

A prominent player in the oil and gas industry, Egypt Gas has been providing its specialist pipeline installation and maintenance services throughout Egypt and the Middle East since 1983. The company has been a customer of Atlas Copco for more than 15 years with several portable air compressors in its fleet.

For the past five years, it has relied on an Atlas Copco XATS 350 model for its maintenance works, sandblasting any material deteriorating rust, paint, or oil from steel pipelines.

The XATS 350 delivers 10 bar pressure to the sandblasting unit, propelling compressed air through approximately 10–20m of air hose and a 9mm nozzle.

Thanks to its ultra-robust and high-quality design features, the Atlas Copco unit excels in the harsh environment of the upper Egypt region, where Egypt Gas currently has it running for 12 hours per day. Built to withstand the most extreme conditions, the portable air compressor has been tested to perform optimally even in 50°C; making it the perfect match for upper Egypt, where ambient temperatures lay between 47–50°C in the height of the summer season.

Besides these high temperatures, also dust and sandstorms are common during spring and summer season in this region. These tough portable air compressors are the perfect match for these extreme conditions.

Tried and tested toughness

The XATS 350’s heavy-duty air filters remove dust and sand contaminants from entering the compressor, while an enhanced cooling system ensures reliable operations in scorching conditions.

It’s top-mounted muffler further works to reduce fire risks and overheating, and combined, these clever features give the team at Egypt Gas the utmost confidence while running the machine for extended periods of time.

“Our Atlas Copco unit is the backbone of our shotblasting operations, and it’s safe to say we put it through its paces,” the Egypt Gas team said.

“We started working with tough Atlas Copco compressors since we are facing extremely hot and dusty working conditions, and the compressors still amaze us after all these years. Typically, we use the XATS 350 for 2000 hours per year, and even when consistently faced with extreme heat, sand and dust throughout the last five years, it continues to prove its resilience and efficiency.”

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