Anti-mining rally ignores a decades long partnership [opinion]

SACOME CEO Jason Kuchel has slammed recent anti-mining protests in South Australia following the approval of Rex Minerals' Hillside project, stating agriculture in the State is overlooking benefits resources has provided.
Opposition to South Australia’s mining and oil & gas sectors demonstrated by several hundred people participating in the rally held this last Saturday, ignores a decades long partnership between South Australia’s resources sector and our agricultural industry.
Participants in the rally overlook the many benefits that resources exploration and production brings to regional communities.
Opponents to mining and oil & gas ignore the countless number of people desperately looking forward to the jobs and economic benefits that increased mining and oil & gas activity in this State will bring to their regions.
Our industry is proud of an excellent track record in helping farmers, particularly during times of drought, and in co-existing with existing agricultural industries as demonstrated by current and past operations in South Australia.
This support has come in the form of providing off-farm income; helping to provide mechanisms to sustain generational farming; bringing infrastructure which can also be used by other industries; and sustaining the social fabric of regions by arresting the population decline in much of South Australia.
The South Australian economy was built on mining, and resources is one of very few industries now capable of expanding to provide the jobs and revenues needed to repair our economy.
Mining and oil & gas exploration and production can, and must, co-exist alongside established agricultural industries, as it has done in the past.”
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