Andromeda kaolin to land in the Mediterranean

Andromeda Metals

Andromeda Metals is set to distribute its kaolin products in the Mediterranean region after it received a letter of intent from IberoClays SLU.

Kaolin is a clay-type material composed of minerals of the kaolin group and is used in ceramics, coated medicine and cosmetics among other uses.

IberoClays is a supplier of kaolin in global markets and formulates ceramic tile minerals in Europe.

“We are excited by the opportunity this unique partnership represents, to commercialise our product strategy with a world-leader in the field of ceramic tile formulations,” Andromeda chief executive officer and managing director Bob Katsiouleris said.

“We are very much looking forward to the opportunity of working closely with IberoClays across the Mediterranean, and in validating our product in the high-end ceramic tile and glaze markets across Asia, as we prepare for shipments from October 2024.”

Under the partnership, Andromeda will distribute kaolin from its Great White project in South Australia. The target volumes have been set at 15,000–20,000 tonnes per annum for the first three years.

The agreement has a initial duration of three years and the binding agreement is expected to be finalised by the end of October 2023.

“Andromeda’s products complete our portfolio of state-of-the-art formulations for high-quality porcelain tiles, slabs and ceramic glazes, for the production of high-end ultra-white ceramic surfaces,” IberoClays owner and chief executive officer Alberto Piquer González said.

“We are pleased to see this new potential source of kaolin become available, given tightening global supply conditions and are looking forward to our partnership with Andromeda in the Mediterranean markets.”

Katsiouleris said that Andromeda appreciates the support from IberoClays.

“The intent to negotiate a binding agreement and the indicative terms represent a unique opportunity to partner with a world-leader in the field of ceramic tile and glaze formulations,” he said.

“We greatly appreciate the testing, validation and support IberoClays has already provided, and look forward to securing their technical support going forward as we plan for shipments to commence from October 2024 onwards.”

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