An open letter to Australian engineers and scientists [opinion]

I delivered a keynote speech to the 4th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management at the Grand Hyatt in Bali on the 9th January after receiving an invitation from an International Panel of Engineers and Scientists.  

Over 550 people from 66 countries attended, it was a true league of nations.

Of great concern to me was that very few people from Australia attended.

This international event was sponsored by numerous supporters including Boeing and papers were delivered by Toyota, Boeing and many others representing industrial engineers at the cutting edge of innovation. Over 200 people were needed to organise and produce it.

If Australia is to build a culture of Innovation it must use events like this to expand its knowledge and understanding and reap the synergy that such relationships can bring. Where were the delegates from Australian industry? Australian Universities? CSIRO? Engineers Australia?

 The contacts I made will all assist me in adding to my skill and knowledge so that Australian industry can benefit but my disappointment regarding our inability to break down barriers and join the rest of the world, particularly Asia will remain.

Yours Sincerely

John Blakemore


John Blakemore is the CEO of Blakemore Consulting International and the author of books such as Competitive Manufacturing Management, Lean Six Sigma Service Management Health and Finance, and The Quality Solution. 

In January he gave the address The Future of Industrial Engineering in Business is Speed, Innovation, and Creativity.

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