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An emerging Pilbara copper operation

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GreenTech Metals and Anax Metals have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), marking the first step in forming a copper alliance in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The MoU would assess the potential to treat GreenTech base metals assets at Anax Metals’ proposed Whim Creek processing hub.

It would also see each company contribute resources and information to the joint assessment that will focus on technical studies and regulatory approvals at the Whundo copper-zinc project and other GreenTech base metals assets.

The joint assessment will assist the companies in developing the terms of a legally binding agreement that would allow ore from GreenTech base metal assets to undergo processing at Whim Creek. The MoU is set for a 12-month term.

“We are extremely pleased to take these first steps towards creating an expanded Pilbara copper business with our neighbours, GreenTech,” Anax managing director Geoff Laing said. “We look forward to delivering scalable assets with near-term ‘energy metals’ production.”

The alliance will provide GreenTech the opportunity to monetise Whundo open-pittable ore in the near-term, while progressing exploration at the Austin, Shelby and Yannery prospects.

“This is a great opportunity for GreenTech that could see a formalised alliance with Anax taking significant steps towards establishing near-term mining operations at our Whundo project,” GreenTech managing director Tom Reddicliffe said.

“Our project already has defined open-pittable copper and zinc resources and potential to define additional near surface resource tonnes at both Yannery and Ayshia.

“The alliance could be the catalyst that the West Pilbara needs to become a significant copper producer and we look forward to working closely with Anax to make this a reality.”

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