An Australian Drilling in Africa [Images]

Whilst drilling in Australia might be a tough job, what happens when you take those skills to Africa. Australian driller Nick Alderson shares his time in Guinea through pictures.


From holidaying in Europe…894894_10151327229196128_298232424_o-1.jpg

to this…883249_10151327229226128_1089188673_o.jpg


Traffic rules are strictly adhered to in Africa… — in Kalia, Faranah.885027_10151327231966128_2139590162_o.jpg

€200 in Guinea Frank. Wallets aren't very suitable over here…. — in Conakry, Guinea.481821_10151120662641128_431496155_n.jpg

Nick in his "Sunday Best"893738_10151327229741128_1722015065_o-1.jpg

Come all this way to offside… My workers decided not to show that day…230022_10151116721111128_1377276687_n-1.jpg

The chop bowl. this is how I eat in Africa!35020_10151327231586128_728877732_n.jpg

At the helm536493_10151116734171128_133808211_n.jpg

Mr Army man is on the rig 24hrs a day. Not so much for my protection, more to protect the 'gas-oil' The locals steal everything!552180_10151116720571128_338682801_n.jpg


My baby, pretty small, but goes hard!545470_10151116732686128_1742231347_n.jpg


smashed Amadu with foam. sorry bruv885450_10151327230111128_1352500333_o.jpg

billy billy marteau ( big hammer)894672_10151327229956128_1205197484_o.jpg

Drilling next to a fire. Australian mining eat your heart out 730091_10151253798531128_1706985648_o.jpg

This old lady sang me a song at the servo haha843850_10151260360341128_1719005548_o.jpg


shotgun shells over the counter558919_10151120652901128_259868047_n.jpg


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