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Alligator reaches key milestone at Samphire

samphire uranium

Emerging uranium player Alligator Energy has finalised fabrication and acceptance testing of the field recovery trial (FRT) pilot processing plant for its Samphire uranium project in South Australia.

As a result of the successful testing, the seven containerised modules – including the reverse osmosis plant – have passed factory acceptance testing and have been deployed to Whyalla.

In Whyalla, the modules will be stored ahead of all regulatory approvals being finalised and on-site construction works being completed.

The pilot processing plant’s fabrication was completed by Adelaide Control Engineering (ACE). The FRT’s geotechnical investigations have also been completed to finalise the engineering design as part of construction works and construction tender.

“Completion of the fabrication of the FRT pilot processing plant by ACE is a significant milestone in our planning for the field recovery trial,” Alligator Energy acting chief executive officer Andrea Marsland-Smith said.

“The modularised transportable ‘plug and play’ nature of the plant and its integrated control system will lend itself for use on other sites into the future.

“Construction, commissioning and operating plans are now well underway in preparation for on-site assembly of the FRT infrastructure upon granting of the retention lease and approval of the program for environment protection and rehabilitation plan (PEPR).”

Alligator Energy will continue working with the regulator to provide additional information requested by the SA Government to finalise the retention lease for the FRT.

Located 20km from Whyalla, the Samphire uranium project holds a resource of 18 million pounds.

A second phase scoping study suggested Samphire will produce 12.3 million pounds over 12 years, at a production rate of 1.2 million pounds per annum. Alligator Energy is currently drilling beyond that initial resource to expand it. 

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