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Alcoa announces new CCO

Alcoa Alumina Limited

Following the departure of Alcoa’s chief commercial officer (CCO) Kelly Thomas, Alcoa has announced that Renato Bacchi will step up as COO and executive vice president.

Bacchi’s new role will see him lead the company’s sales and trading, along with marketing, supply chain, commercial operations, procurement and transportation.

His previous role as chief strategy and innovation officer will see him bring his skills in supervising Alcoa’s global energy assets and overseeing the company’s technology programs to the new role.

“We will miss Kelly’s strong leadership, and we will build on the work that she accomplished with the signing of numerous supply contracts, including for our Sustana suite of products,” Alcoa president and chief executive officer Roy Harvey said.

“As Renato steps into his new role, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise, including his strategic view of our global energy markets and a focus on our long-term vision to reinvent the aluminium industry through our research and development programs.”

Bacchi has been with the company since 1997, graduating from São Paulo University in 2000 with a degree in electrical engineering. He also has a masters degree from IbMec University in Brazil.

Baachi’s new role comes on the heels of Alcoa’s 2022 sustainability report, which it released in June this year.

Harvey said that performing responsible and sustainable practices is vital for Alcoa’s businesses, customers, and the rest of the world.

“In fact, strong environmental, social and governance performance will be key differentiators for the future, and that is why Alcoa has a strategic priority to advance sustainably with a vision to reinvent the aluminium industry,” Harvey said.

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