Agrimin on path to building haul road for Mackay project

Agrimin has set its sights on inking an agreement with Parna Ngururrpa regarding a proposed haul road for its Mackay potash project in Western Australia.

This concerns the construction and operation of the haul road while preserving the Ngururrpa native title holders’ way of life.

According to Agrimin, the establishment of a new transport corridor is integral to the successful implementation of its mine-to-ship logistics chain between Lake Mackay and Wyndham Port.

The logistics chain will give Agrimin control of its bulk haulage and minimise materials handling, reducing the cost in transporting large tonnages of sulphate of potash to the global market.

Agrimin and Parna Ngururrpa have now established a protocol that sets a timeline for the granting of a miscellaneous licence prior to signing the agreement.

“The signing of the negotiation protocol represents an important milestone on the path to obtaining the necessary licences for Agrimin’s haul road,” Agrimin chief executive Mark Savich said.

“Our team has built a close working relationship with the Ngururrpa native title holders over several years and we are committed to continuing to work with them to create jobs and opportunities for the future.”

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