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WITH more 30,000 page views a month and more than 10,000 people visiting the site each month is rapidly becoming a regular source of information for mining professionals.

More than ever advertising on the six-month-old site is a great opportunity to extend marketing reach.

Online display is limited to five advertisers only.

The minimum term is three months at $1000 plus GST per month per advertiser.

The advertising schedule includes:

  • an advertising slot with click through on the e-newsletter sent twice weekly
  • 1/5th of banner inventory with the banner served on rotation with other advertisers
  • an advertising tile on the right hand navigation of the site; and
  • an Island ad in each article served on rotation with other advertisers

Advertising position is given by booking order, and first booking gets the top slot and 1/5th of all Island inventory.

Advertisers have exclusivity in submitting content to the Resource Centre by providing a whitepaper, participating in a podcast, submitting product information and submitting a short video clip.

We will upload and help, but additional costs are carried by the advertiser.

Key contact:

Roger Podmore

National & International Sales Manager

Australian Mining

02 9422 2867

0418 235 903

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