Aborigines warned of Kimberley coal mining

University researchers have advised indigenous landowners in the Kimberley to not approve coal mines on their land.

They warned that the coal mines should not move forward until more information is known on the potential environmental impact of the projects, the ABC reports.

The report was commissioned by a local Aboriginal corporation to investigate the affects of Rey Resources application to construct its Duchess Paradise coal mine.

The project is located around 200 kilometres south east of Derby.

University of WA’s Peter Cooke explained that his study showed a lack of information regarding how the mine would affect river systems, aquifers and the land.

However, he added that “my study was not intended to say yes go ahead or don’t go ahead”.

“It was intended to bring forward the risks of the coal mining and really the conclusion and the recommendation that my study came to was that at this stage we don’t know enough in order to give an informed decision.”

According to the ABC, local Broome woman Anne Poelina has already lodged an objection to Rey Resources’ mining licence application.

The objection will be heard today.

Coal mining has been under fire in Western Australia, with exploration and mining in the Margaret River region under fire.

The miner, LD Operations, was accused of ignoring environmental restrictions and EPA statements in its appeal to explore.

However, the coal miner accused the EPA of selective, inadequate and incomplete consideration” of advice from various government agencies.

Esperance has also been warned off coal mining for coal-to-liquids projects in the region by Margaret River protestors.

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