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A Rewarding chapter


Reward Minerals has hit the ground running with its novel potassium sulphate (SOP) processing technology, readying the development for commercialisation as soon as possible.

The technology found that SOP could be produced at Reward’s Carnarvon potash project (CPP) in Western Australia via an environmental, social and governance (ESG)-friendly and globally competitive manner.

The discovery has coincided with Reward being granted the project licence at Carnarvon from the Western Australian Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

“The grant of the CPP exploration licence is set to be the start of an exciting new chapter for Reward as we continue to advance the development of our novel SOP processing technology and seek to commercialise it as soon as possible,” Reward chief executive officer Lorry Hughes said.

“Located so close to a major regional town, established supplies of solar salt bitterns, gypsum, mains power and water, should allow us to inexpensively progress through the pilot stage of development in order to secure full scale development partners.”

Reward said SOP operations would be developed using reject brines from solar salt operations, resulting in a low cost of production and more ESG-friendly SOP globally.

Earlier this year, Reward was focused on a two-month long campaign to raise funds for the Beyondie SOP project in WA, but the transaction was terminated in March.

Over the coming quarter, Reward will continue to advance its processing technology toward commercialisation while progressing statutory approval of initial work programs at the CPP.

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