A range of protective caps

When an Industry 4.0 ready device is installed on a mine site, they need to be able to handle the extreme industry environment. If dust or water make their way into a splitter box, module or field master, it can damage the vital electronics within.

That’s why ifm has designed a range of protective caps for use in wet and dusty areas. Their robust, high-quality stainless-steel design protects what is important.

Other dust caps may be removed or can be knocked off, revealing the sockets and pins to the elements. The E12542 protective caps screw onto the sockets and form a complete seal, while the E12598 caps protect plugs on sensors and IO-link masters.

The caps can operate in ambient temperatures between -25 to 100°C and ensure the protection rating, even if sockets are not used. They come in a bag of four and are available online.

This product showcase appeared in the April 2023 issue of Australian Mining.

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