A pump package to turn the tide

The Remko standpipe pump package from Allflo Pumps and Equipment is making waves in the mining industry.

Excessive dust particles floating around a mine site is more than a nuisance; it’s a safety hazard.

With the rise in awareness around issues like silicosis and its potential to cause devastating health impacts, Australia’s mine operators need dust-management solutions they can rely on.

The solution usually comes in the form of dust-suppression trucks fitted with pump systems that continually spray high-risk areas like haul roads and stockpiles with water to keep dust at bay.

But these trucks constantly need to be refilled with thousands of litres of water, and with traditional pump systems taking 30 minutes or more to fill a single truck, the time spent out of action drives up costs for operators and puts workers at risk of dust exposure.

The pump package can be quickly slotted into any operation.
Image: Allflo

It’s an issue that requires a fit-for-purpose turnkey solution like Allflo Pumps and Equipment’s Remko standpipe pump package.

With more than 70 years of experience and a manufacturing facility in Shepparton, Victoria, Allflo is a leading supplier of pumps and pump accessories.

The company boasts an extensive range of quality pumps and equipment engineered to suit any application throughout the mining and construction industries.

The Remko standpipe pump package is a key product in Allflo’s portfolio.

“The Remko standpipe pump package is a solution that delivers a high performance in any application, and when compared with other solutions, significantly reduces the truck fill times and increases production,” Allflo general manager Scott Pederick told Australian Mining.

“In some instances, we have been able to reduce the fill time from 30 minutes to four to five minutes.”

In addition to providing quicker pit-stops and boosting production, Pederick said the pump packages have been engineered to be highly functional and easy to use.

“That’s why our standpipe packages are a self-contained unit, meaning that the pump, standpipe and pipework are all able to be reduced to one skid,” he said. “This makes moving the package easy and ultimately reduces the freight costs as well.”

Allflo prides itself on the Remko standpipe pump package’s ability to slot right into any operation and immediately deliver results.

“We have Remko units working in mining operations right across Australia,” Pederick said.

“From lithium mines in Western Australia and gold mines in Victoria to the coal mines of the Bowen Basin (in Queensland), our standpipes are reducing operational expenditure and increasing environmental compliance.”

Operators who use the standpipe package have peace of mind knowing they are selecting quality and reliability in a single unit.

“One of our clients who contracts to the mining industry in Queensland described our Remko standpipe packages as ‘worth their weight in gold’,” Pederick said. “In that instance, we were able to have a significant positive impact on driving down costs and increasing project profitability.”

Listening to customer challenges is a core value for Allflo, and the company tailors packages that meet the unique needs of different mining operations.

“Within the Remko range of standpipe and pump packages, there are options for standard construction or fully customised units,” Pederick said.

“This allows us to find a solution to best suit the mine site and ultimately deliver maximum operational costs and environment compliance benefits.”

Thanks to the Remko standpipe pump package, mines across Australia are seeing increased productivity, worker safety, and cost savings.

“We continue to grow and allocate resources into new areas to further increase our network across Australia. Our commitment to enhancing our footprint in WA is unwavering, with a focus on servicing the flourishing mining industry in the region,” Pederick said.

“Through targeted expansions, we aim to solidify our position and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of this vital sector.”

This feature appeared in the June 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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