Field portable spectrometers released

Spectral Evolution has launched a new field portable spectrometer to aid clay identification in mineral assemblages.

“The field portable oreXpress spectrometer with EZ-ID mineral identification software can be used to identify different clays and patterns of alteration in the field and the core shack,” Spectral said in a company statement.

“This data can be used to map alteration zones and discover vectors to new or overlooked deposits.”

The system is able to quickly collect spectral data in the field without harming the sample, after which geologists can analyse this data use Spectral Evolution’s EZ-ID program to match the target spectra against the USGS and SpecMIN spectral libraries.

“In addition, a geologist can decide to look at specific features to fine-tune the identification,” Spectral Evolution said.

“For example by concentrating on a doublet at 1400nm versus one at 1425nm, a geologist can highlight the difference between kaolinite and alunite.”

oreXpress provides a full range field spectrometer with a spectral range from 350-2500nm; is ruggedly built for reliability in the field with no moving optical parts, and a rugged steel-jacketed fibre optic cable that is field swappable.

 It has no vents or fans for contamination by dust and dirt and a superior cooling design for fieldwork.

Weighing in at only three kilograms, the machine fits in a backpack, and is powered by two lithium-ion batteries.

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