Updated blasting software launched

Hexagon Mining has unveiled Version 2 of HxM Blast, with engineered blast designs that aim to bring precision and dependability to improve the entire blasting process.

The new blast design software enables engineers and shotfirers to design, analyse, and optimise blast initiation sequences across a range of applications.

As feedback and monitoring is directly used to adjust a blast from design through to implementation, HxM Blast integrates departments that previously had no improvement mechanisms for the creation of smarter designs.

Hexagon Mining aims to integrate the design, planning and process for blasting more productive and claims it can revolutionise the design and execution of drill and blast plans within its MineSight program.

The Drill Fleet Management System allows locations to be loaded and updated against older locations, benefitting the charging process and providing a safety mechanism to avoid drilling misfires from the bench.

Under the software each vehicle would track and log its activity to a dispatcher, who would then record information relating to the location, fuel costs, and production over a certain period of time.

By tracking and monitoring the mine’s production, safety, and maintenance, the fleet management system can easily allow Hexagon Mining to take greater control of its equipment while adjusting the way operations are carried out.

This system is supported by a library which catalogues where blasting consumables and related properties are managed.

If an operator wishes to further optimise the blast charge, MineSight has been included to control the blast movement while simultaneously minimising dilution.

HxM Blast features a modern interface that designs and manages blast patterns interactively on screen while storing design information in a SQL database.

Once a blast layout has be designed, the software will store the specifications used on the project in addition to the most up to date information about that blast.

By integrating with other supporting technologies such as Measure While Drilling (MWD) information from J2drill, information from the drill rig can be used to interpret various geologic units or seams.

This information is easily fed back into the system to improve upon the blasting plan, whereby improvements and changes can be made through MineSight until the plans are best suited to the business.

HxM Blast hopes to include blast simulation, analysis and optimisation to reduce the workload on drill and blast engineers. Optimising blasting parameters at critical stages will make a major difference to the way blast design tools are utilised in the future.

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