3D visualisation unlocks remote working efficiencies

As a creator of software solutions for the world’s largest mining corporations, TIMining is passionate about technology, mining, innovation and delivering world-class performance.

TIMining has partnered with major mining companies for the past three years to create software that gives mine workers access to their operations from their pockets.

The latest technology and innovation, appropriately called TIMining Aware, allows the user to experience being at a mine’s lookout without physically having to be there.

Created through advanced algorithms and connections to multiple mine operational systems, TIMining Aware creates a unique 3D and online visualisation of the mine.

Mining 4.0

Described as Mining 4.0, the company has responded to the challenges of COVID-19 by using the pandemic as a platform to accelerate the adaptation of its online situational awareness product.

TIMining chief executive Nicolas Jubera says the company realised when COVID-19 hit in March this year that it would change the way we work.

“We wanted to adapt and create a solution around this platform that helps mining companies adjust to these new times,” Jubera tells Australian Mining.

“The big question was how do we help companies still be at the mine site and that is when TIMining Aware was launched.”

The 3D view of the mine enables organisations to visualise their mine from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

Online 3D digital twin of the mine

By using state-of-the-art 3D visualisation engines and proprietary algorithms, TIMining integrates multiple operational systems to create an online 3D digital twin of the mine.

TIMining Aware not only boosts performance, but improves processes and practices, saves money and creates more situational awareness.

“Our solution allows you to take your smart phone out of your pocket and you can see what is happening and make decisions in real-time,” Jubera says.

“The concept isn’t super innovative. Watching your mine site in real-time on a mobile device isn’t a huge leap, but its technologically hard. No one has been able to do it until now and our system works.”

Actual data, real insights

The software monitors the mine in real-time, identifies the extraction areas, locates key equipment and reviews the surface extracted by the landing equipment every 15 minutes.

Through an automated mine plan compliance feature, companies can monitor where they need to dig to comply with weekly and monthly plans.

TIMining Aware improves processes by visualising the drilling inventory and compliance to plan in real-time, assessing where extra effort may be required to meet operational targets.

Detailed information about the location, performance and status of loading units can also be retrieved. This includes access to the past 24 hours of performance, providing an understanding of where the hauling fleet is losing speed against planned performance through an updated heat map every two hours.

Boosts collaboration

TIMining Aware encourages collaboration across companies. The software allows interdisciplinary teams across companies to discuss, decide and agree to actions, while together or remotely using the updated 3D digital twin of the mine.

VP for global revenue Larin Allison says this new way of working has created efficiencies that weren’t possible until the response to the impacts of COVID-19.

“The product boosts collaboration while working remotely, and with less travel required due to fewer non-essential personnel at the operation, TIMining Aware ticks the productivity and safety boxes for operators,” Allison says.

The solution reduces the need for unnecessary visits to the mine site by mirroring what is happening hour-by-hour from a safe and remote platform, increasing safety measures and reaction times to issues.

Recruiting the best of the best

“It allows companies to recruit the best skills in the industry and with the tools it allows flexibility of being able to be located where the employee wants and still sees mines in real-time on the other side of the world,” Jubera adds.

With these efficiencies being offered to the mining industry, the company believes that in a post-COVID-19 world this type of work will accelerate.

Digital transformations

“We have been preparing for scale all over the world, and in a way COVID-19 helps with that because everything we do is digital. This is something we are still investing a lot in to and very focussed on developing this product line,” Jubera says.

TIMining Aware has been designed for users of all different levels – from supervisors of the site to managers, planners and the corporate side of the company.

By expanding its operations from Santiago in Chile to Perth in Western Australia, TIMining is providing insight and knowledge into mine site data that helps industry experts make better decisions.

The software adds an extra outer layer to work environments that instantly increases awareness, efficiency and productivity.

This feature also appears in the December edition of Australian Mining.

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