​More job cuts likely at NZ coal mine

A continued coal price depression is likely to lead to more job cuts at Solid Energy’s Stockton coal mine.

The decision follows on from Solid Energy slashing more than 100 jobs from the site only six months ago.

At the time Solid put the cutback down to ongoing coal price pressures and an oversupply of coal in the market.

Solid Energy reportedly briefed workers last month that if prices did not improve then more jobs cuts were likely to come, according to

"The rumours are real, but they're rumours. They are not based on something specific," Solid Energy spokesperson Bryn Somerville told Stuff.

Local mayor Garry Howard has previously stated that while job cuts will have an negative impact on the region, if action is not taken then the outcome may worse in the longer term.

"If the price of coal doesn't improve, I'm expecting further redundancies this year, unfortunately," he said.

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