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Volvo enlists Jean-Claude Van Damme in latest truck stunt

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Volvo enlists Jean-Claude Van Damme in latest truck stunt

Slackliners, CEOs, hamsters, and bulls are just some of the unusual props Volvo Trucks has recently used to demonstrate its trucks’ capabilities.

In the company’s latest stunt, Volvo Trucks has enlisted the help of Hollywood action-man Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Releasing a teaser to the upcoming stunt, Van Damme will reportedly be performing one of his trademark splits, balancing on the side mirrors of two reversing trucks.

Volvo Trucks technician and engineer behind the development of Volvo’s Dynamic Steering system, Jan-Inge Svensson said the stunt is designed to demonstrate the vehicle’s steering precision and directional stability.

 See the teaser to the film which will be released on November 14 here: 

In September the company released a YouTube video showing a hamster managing to safely steer a 16.5 tonne Volvo FMX dump truck up from the bottom of a quarry.

Volvo Trucks has previously drawn inspiration from Spain’s Running of the Bulls festival to show its truck’s steering system.

The company has also gone to great heights to show how robust its trucks are, airlifting a vehicle across water with the Volvo chief executive standing on the hood.

In its slackliner stunt, Volvo drove two trucks at speed whilst a woman attempted to walk a tightrope between the vehicles.


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