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Palmer tops donor list

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Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer has been revealed as Australia’s largest political donor, with he and his company Mineralogy offering close to $1 million, mostly to the Liberal Party.

According to figures released yesterday by the Australian Electoral Commission, Palmer and his company donated a total of around $850,000 in the last financial year, including a $400,000 injection into the Federal Liberal Party.

Palmer also made a personal donation of $280,000 to Queensland’s Liberal National Party.

One of Australia’s wealthiest people, estimates of Palmer’s personal wealth vary wildly, from as low as a reported $1.5 billion to Palmer’s personal suggestion of closer to $6.5 billion.

Despite the hefty, and much needed donation, the Liberal Party is looking to curtail or eliminate such large business or union donations, saying it creates a perception of undue influence.

“It is now time to either stop or severely curtail all business and union donations,” Opposition Shadow Special Minister of State Michael Ronaldson said.

According to, a spokesperson for Ronaldson said that he would be happy for individual donations to be capped at $1500, still allowing people such as Palmer to contribute.


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