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Out from under employees’ seats: Chairs banned at Gorgon site

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Out from under employees’ seats: Chairs banned at Gorgon site

In a bid to improve productivity, staff working on Chevron’s $US52 billion Gorgon natural gas project have been banned from using chairs and told not to sit down during their shift.

A memo titled “Efficient production of work crews” was issued to employees on Sunday by Leighton Contractors. It outlined a number of instructions which aim to reduce downtime on site and warned wages would be docked if procedure was breached, AFR reported.

“Labour is not allowed to sit down during normal working hours, unless their duties require,” the notice stated.

“Labour is allowed to sit down during normal working hours in the approved shade huts for short rest breaks and hydration. Full crews are not allowed in the shade hut, only one at a time so work can always continue on the site.”

In addition to this, the time it takes for staff to move around the site will now be closely monitored and if productivity measures are not met workers risk being reprimanded.

“Supervisors are to hands on manage compliance of labour departure from plate and return to plate. Work is expected to continue for maximum productivity.”

“Discipline will be implemented to wages and staff for any breaches of the above procedures. Labour and staff will be held accountable for their work performance.”

The leaked memo follows last week’s $9 billion cost blowout which Chevron blamed on labour costs, bad weather and rising development expenditure.

The AFR reported that although productivity has improved in the past few months, Gorgon remains only 55 per cent complete and the pressure to meet targets is on.

The Gorgon Project is one of Australia’s single biggest developments with an estimated resource base of more than 40 trillion cubic feet of gas and a nominal development life of around 60 years.


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