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Arrow Energy pipeline faces public scrutiny

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Arrow Energy pipeline faces public scrutiny

The environmental impact statement for Arrow Energy's proposed 580-kilomtre pipeline from Moranbah to Gladstone has been released.

The pipeline is set to deliver almost 3,000 jobs and $128 million for workers in the region, and is up for public consultation following delivery of an environmental impact statement.

In the EIS Arrow said most of the land the pipeline covers, which includes four council areas, is used for grazing and cropping.

According to the company no land has been designated as Strategic Cropping Land, which bans most industry development.

The 580 kilometre pipeline will need 693 fly-in fly-out workers for construction but only 15 once completed.

According to the Daily Mercury Arrow estimates 2952 full-time jobs will be created during its 15 month construction, which is planned to run from April 2016.

Arrow said it hoped to start pumping gas through the project by 2017, and once the pipeline outlived its usefulness it would not be removed.

The company said the pipe would be left to rot or be filled with non-corrosive water with the possibility of being revived for a different use.

ABC News reports Arrow said a number of Indigenous artefacts had been discovered along the pipeline's route and investigations were still ongoing.

Image: Courier Mail


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