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6 amazing images of dragline accidents

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There's no piece of machinery that beats the size and scale of a dragline. So when things go wrong on this front, they go really wrong.

For some Friday fun we've put together six of the most impressive dragline accidents featured on the Mining Mayhem blog.

This first image is from the now defunct Norwich Park mine. The bench below the dragline failed, causing it to collapse forward.

Image: Mining Mayhem

This image is a different view on the same accident.

Image: Mining Mayhem

This next photo is from the Enshem mine during the infamous central Queensland floods in 2008.

Image: Mining Mayhem

Here's a close-up of what a broken dragline bucket looks like.

Image: Mining Mayhem

And this is what happens when they fall off the back of a truck.

Image: Mining Mayhem

Finally we've got a dragline that's been well and truly written-off.

Image: Mining Mayhem

If you're hungry for similar images check out Mining Mayhem or browse their dragline section here.


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